Philadelphia Trumpet  •  October 2006  •  Volume 17, No. 9
  • World
    The Coming Food Shortfall
    Catastrophic weather crises are threatening one of your most basic needs.
  • From the Editor
    California Disasters Continue—Why?
  • World
    Selling Britain’s Corporate Crown Jewels
    The continual loss of ownership of the companies that helped make Britain great is a sad reminder of this nation’s fall from superpower status.
  • Who Won?
    Israel and Hezbollah both claimed victory. One of them is dead wrong.
  • Society
    Does Medicine Deserve Your Faith?
    What the medical industry doesn’t want you to know
  • World
    Crisis Overload
    Our world is drowning under a rising tide of troubles.
  • Securing the Horn
    Overshadowed by events in the Middle East, tensions grow off the Horn of Africa as nations vie to secure the vital marine passageway of the Red Sea.
  • Society
    Has a Disease for Your Problems Been Marketed Yet?
    More disorders are being diagnosed than ever before. Is there actually more disease, or is the medical field just expanding the definitions of disease?
  • Religion
    Legacies (Part 2)
    In his new book, Raising the Ruins, available this winter, Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry exposes the reality of what happened to the Worldwide Church of God. Here is the second chapter.