Philadelphia Trumpet  •  September 2006  •  Volume 17, No. 8
  • World
    From the Editor
    The Only Solution to the Mideast Crisis
  • Is This World War III?
    Five reasons the battle between Israel and Hezbollah is more serious than you may realize
  • World
    How to Lose a War
    The mightiest military in history is making itself vulnerable to annihilation.
  • America’s Forgotten War
    With the U.S. administration and the media focusing on Israel and on the war in Iraq, attention has been diverted from another theater of action where U.S. political will is being tested.
  • One Problem Too Many
    Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan … oh yes! We almost forgot about North Korea.
  • Will Britain Lose the Falklands?
    The 25th anniversary of the Falklands War has called forth a renewed effort by Argentina to force Britain to yield control of a historically crucial sea gate.
  • When Germans Are Unhappy …
    Just what is the German mood today? It has not taken long for the jovial demeanor projected by Germany during the recent World Cup to sour. Why the change? And what does this portend for Europe?
  • “We Can’t Go It Alone on Defense”
    As global threats gather, Europe sees the need to unify. The signing of a new code of conduct for arms contracting provides a peek at this significant trend.
  • Commentary
    Hezbollah’s Propagandists
    Why CNN looks like Al Jazeera
  • Living
    Five Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in Public School
    Understand your place in your child’s education.