Philadelphia Trumpet  •  August 2006  •  Volume 17, No. 7
  • World
    Shrugging at Evil
    Iran freely declares its evil and violent intentions. The West responds with an incentives package. What will it take for America and other Western nations to take Tehran seriously?
  • World
    The Dawning of a New Germany
    With the World Cup in progress, Germany has captured the world’s attention. The tournament will end, but here is why you should keep your eyes glued to this nation.
  • Wanted: Savior for Europe
    Together, the growing presence of Islam and a pervasive spirit of secularism threaten Europe’s cultural, political and religious landscape. Facing these two crises, Europe will once again look to the Vatican for solutions.
  • From the Editor
    A Clash of Civilizations Is Imminent
  • Care Package From Rome
    Europhiles expect the election of Romano Prodi as Italy’s new prime minister to help energize the EU.
  • Latin America Swings Left
    The United States’ southern neighbors are installing unfriendly leftist governments. Should Washington even give it a second thought?
  • Society
    Nation: A Place With Borders
    The debate over illegal immigration shows a fundamental misunderstanding of what’s at stake: the nation itself.
  • Commentary
    Don’t Know Much About Samurai
    Esteeming ourselves more highly than we ought—and a lesson learned.