Philadelphia Trumpet  •  May 2006  •  Volume 17, No. 5
  • Cover
    Israel’s Final Chapter
    The Israelis elected a prime minister who vows to bring the Arab-Jew impasse to an end by 2010. Will his radical plan work?
  • From Hero to Outcast
    How did the tiny nation of Israel lose its image as the Davidic hero, victoriously battling the Goliath of surrounding enemy nations in 1967, to become today’s global pariah?
  • Jerusalem and the Last Crusade
    The world waits to see whether Jews or Arabs will control the Holy Land. But is anyone watching the Vatican?
  • World
    From the Editor
    Libya Sees the Deadly Holy Roman Empire
  • “A Dictatorship in No Time”
    With rare access to classified documents, Vladimir Bukovsky recognizes the EU’s dangerous direction.
  • Iran Is King
    Many of the world’s most foreboding troubles are rooted in the Middle East. Western efforts to solve these issues, bogged down in complexity, bureaucracy and political correctness, are failing. Why?
  • The Coming Siege
    Any world power with vast overseas commitments must control the seaways necessary for safe passage of its goods, its citizens and its military forces. Why then have Britain and America so casually yielded up this power they once guarded so jealously?
  • Religion
    Let Us Introduce … Jesus Christ!
    Who was Jesus Christ? Why did He come to this Earth? What did He accomplish? Here is amazing truth about Jesus Christ.
  • Society
    Overpraised Children
    The fallacy in feeding our youth’s self-esteem