Philadelphia Trumpet  •  December 1998  •  Volume 9, No. 10
  • Cover Story
    Did America Betray MacArthur and the Filipinos?
    At the beginning of World War II, every Filipino hated America intensely. Never in our history has a friendly nation turned so bitterly against us. Why did it happen? And was that condition a symptom of a deeper problem in America? A problem that plagues us even more today?
  • Pearl Harbor: A Warning Unheeded
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    From the Editor
    “We Have Had Our Last Chance”
  • Articles
    Australia: The “Luck” Runs Out
    The World bank maintains that Australia is the richest country in the world, when unexploited natural resources are taken into account. Yet today Australia is broke. What’s happened to the land down under?
  • How Feminism Harms Families
    Has the women’s liberation movement, so proudly praised for serving women, done a disservice to the family?
  • As The World Wobbles
    As we go to press for this last issue of 1998, Asian currencies have recently gained strength because of the decline in value of the U.S. dollar. However, the flawed fundamentals of those now-economically depressed nations still remain flawed.
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    The Worst Alternative