Philadelphia Trumpet  •  December 2005  •  Volume 16, No. 10
  • World
    A Relationship to Watch
  • The Bavarian Connection
    Historically, Bavaria and Bavarians have greatly influenced the destiny of Germany. The scene is set for two powerful Bavarians to dominate the German nation—and the whole continent of Europe—in the very near future.
  • Religion
    Archaeology Proves Bible History Accurate
    Is the Bible religious myth or accurate history? Some highly educated people say the Bible’s history cannot be trusted. What do you think? Here is an important article to help you clarify your thoughts.
  • Society
    Caring for the Poor
    Is welfare the solution?
  • Crippling Division
    Division and hostility pervade American politics. The timing couldn’t be worse.
  • World
    Ghosts of the Ratlines
    The United Nations’ chief prosecutor for war crimes has claimed the Vatican is sheltering a Croatian war criminal. For those familiar with post-World War II history, this case resurrects memories of the ratlines.
  • Religion
    From the Editor
    Is God Cursing Us?
  • World
    Japan Stirs
    After almost 15 years in the doldrums, signs show that the land of the rising sun is rousing to action.
  • Departments
    O How Love I Thy Law
    In a country with no respect for law, illegal immigrants fit right in.
  • Society
    Proud to Be an American?
  • World
    The Corruption of the United Nations
    The oil-for-food scandal was an international embarrassment—but it’s just one example in an organization rife with corruption.
  • Society
    The Great American Spending Spree
    Free money for everyone!
  • The Trouble With Immigration
    Foreigners can bring more than just their luggage.