Philadelphia Trumpet  •  September/October 2005  •  Volume 16, No. 8
  • Special Report
    One Sip of a Bitter Cup
  • A Crumbling Foundation
    Britain and America have dominated the globe for the past two centuries. Know why, and you will understand why this will not last.
  • The New Islamic Superpower
  • The Contest for World Domination
    Meet the three contenders.
  • The Times of the Gentiles
    The global order of nations will change dramatically over the next few years. This will lead to the darkest period in the history of man—what the Bible calls the “times of the Gentiles.”
  • World
    From the Editor
    Are Two Great Religions About to Trigger Nuclear War?
  • The Big Men
    Why the noblest initiatives to solve Africa’s problems always fail
  • The Fatal Fault in International Government
    It’s alphabet soup: UN, WTO, IMF, G-4, G-5, G-12, G-20. But can any large gathering of nations really solve the world’s woes?
  • Religion
    How God Preserved the Bible
    Do we have the complete Bible? Has God’s Word been preserved for us accurately? You can prove that it has.
  • Can People of All Religions Be Saved?
    “God is going to save Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Catholics, Protestants, Jews—all religious people. But God is going to do it His way and according to His time frame.” Is that true?
  • Commentary
    Dawn of a Perfect World