Philadelphia Trumpet  •  August 2005  •  Volume 16, No. 7
  • World
    A Man With a Dangerous Mission
    A stunning election put a hardliner into the Iranian presidency. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants to make Iran a paragon of Islamic national power—just like the mullahs who put him into office.
  • Departments
    The Trumpet Online
  • World
    “Clay” Nations Trouble Europe
    The French and Dutch rejections of the EU constitution—and the fuss over the treaty coming from other EU nations—is Bible prophecy coming alive! The countries causing the most trouble are identified in the Bible as being “clay” mixed with iron—making Europe “partly strong and partly brittle.”
  • The German Shapeshifter
    Among the prodigious talents of this people is a penchant for organization. This will factor prominently in the EU’s future.
  • Who Started World War I?
    Was Germany really to blame?
  • Economy
    The Housing Bubble—Everybody’s Talking
  • Living
    The Clean Life
    Life is sustained through food, water and oxygen. A healthy life is sustained through healthy food, pure water and clean air.
  • What Are the Secrets of My Youthful Vitality?
    This article was written in 1975, when the author was a world traveler, editor in chief of the Plain Truth magazine, a prominent television and radio personality, chancellor of Ambassador College, and pastor general of the Worldwide Church of God—all at the age of 82. His final years were the most productive of his life. He died in 1986, at 93 years old.
  • Religion
    From the Editor
    Do We Attack Other Religions?
  • Understanding Daniel the Prophet
    Critics claim that Daniel’s book is like a historical novel. Is Daniel simply a work of fiction? Here is our answer to the critics.
  • Commentary
    A Warning of Hope
    Christ said to preach “good news.” So why is the Trumpet so full of the bad?