Philadelphia Trumpet  •  July 2005  •  Volume 16, No. 6
  • Society
    Youth Culture
    Spreading like cancer
  • Reality TV: Outlie, Outsex, Outdebauch
  • Living
    Protect Your Child’s Mind
    Society’s exodus toward immorality will take you and your family with it unless you take strong steps to stop it.
  • World
    From the Editor
    German Election Crisis—and a New Charlemagne
  • Dangerous Liaisons
    In April, Russia and Germany took their partnership to a new level. In May, the EU and Russia boosted their cooperation as well. What does this warming relationship mean for the world?
  • On Schedule
    Bible prophecy outlines what to watch in the muddled Middle East. Two prophecies in particular appear to be unfolding according to design.
  • Flat-Footed on Nuclear Terrorism
    Nuclear and emergency preparedness experts, as well as federal reports, show that America has failed to brace itself adequately for a nuclear attack. This failing reveals something important about our human nature.
  • Society
    The Ailing State of American Universities
    Today’s universities educate tomorrow’s leaders. By looking at the present state of America’s higher education, we can glimpse the nation’s future. By at least one measure, it doesn’t look bright.
  • Commentary
    The Voice Inside You
    What is truth?
  • Religion
    The Critics Vs. Moses
    Critics claim that Moses’s books are clever forgeries. Here is our answer to the critics.