Philadelphia Trumpet  •  May 2005  •  Volume 16, No. 4
  • Cover
    The Democracy Paradox
    President Bush equates democracy with peace. But in the Middle East, “people power” could create a monster.
  • World
    Why Even Democracy Fails
    Here is the root cause of governmental breakdown—and the solution
  • World
    Coming German Pope?
    With John Paul II’s death, speculation over his successor grows. Could Joseph Ratzinger be a coming German pope?
  • From the Editor
    America’s Achilles Heel—and Germany
  • Nuclear Non-Proliferation: A Hopeless Cause
    North Korea’s announcement that it has nuclear weapons further proves the impossibility of man’s attempts to curb their deadly spread.
  • The United States: Neglecting Its Back Door
    Distracted by the war on terror, America overlooks a threat that is much closer to home.
  • Canada and America’s Sibling Rivalry
    In the last year, Canada and the U.S. seemed at constant odds. What’s the cause of this rivalry, and where is it leading?
  • Britain to Leave EU Next Year?
    Headlines confirm what the Trumpet has said for years.
  • Economy
    Speeding to Economic Armageddon
    It may not happen this year, or next—but it is coming. It will happen.
  • What’s Behind Corporate Corruption?
    The competitive, high-stakes corporate world seems bedeviled by crookedness. Do you know why? There is a cause!