Philadelphia Trumpet  •  February 2005  •  Volume 16, No. 2
  • Cover
    From the Editor
    Did the Tsunami Shake Your Faith?
    The lesson each of us must learn from the tsunami
  • Where Was God?
    The lesson each of us must learn from the tsunami
  • Commentary
    A Place of Refuge
    Can you be protected when disaster strikes?
  • World
    The Precious Jewel of Iran’s Plan
    For over a decade, Gerald Flurry has warned us to watch for signs of Iran trying to seize Jerusalem. Today we can see them.
  • The Overlooked War
    More casualties than Iraq. Genocide worse than the Balkans. Yet the world remains oblivious.
  • Living
    Why Watch the News?
    Here’s the reason the Trumpet tracks world events—and what makes them so critical to your daily life.
  • Society
    Is Abortion Really Murder?
  • Religion
    Breaking Ground
    Here is how it all started 15 years ago.
  • You Shall Not Covet (Part 11)
    Are you content with the material possessions that you have? Or do you anxiously want more? Here’s how to curb your desires for more material things.