Philadelphia Trumpet  •  November 1998  •  Volume 9, No. 9
  • Cover
    System Failure!
    As we advance toward the close of 1998, global economic peril looms large on the horizon. Will 1999 be the year of the big crash?
  • Fifty Years in the Making
    Today’s crisis began as nations rebuilt from the rubble of World War II.
  • Mortgaging the Nation
    The origin of the fiat money system.
  • Financial Destruction of America
    America has long been the safest place on earth for foreign investors’ money. But what happens if they take their money elsewhere?
  • God Doesn’t Charge Interest
    How would God solve the economic problems of the world today?
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    A Nation of Cowards?
  • The Sabbath: Only for the Old Testament?
    Using the New Testament alone, can you prove that the Sabbath is still in effect today?
  • Commentary
    The Measure of Humility
    A Thanksgiving message
  • Articles
    Winston S. Churchill: The Watchman (Part 2)