Philadelphia Trumpet  •  December 2004  •  Volume 15, No. 10
  • World
    Ugly Truths About Islamic Terrorism
    Calling evil by its name
  • The Terrorists’ Megaphone
    The potent Western press has become an unwitting tool for terrorists because it is scared—or worse, sympathetic.
  • Cover
    From the Editor
    The Coming War Between Catholicism and Islam
  • World
    Iran’s Nuclear Ambition
    The truth behind Iran’s ploy for power in the Middle East.
  • The Prophesied Wane of the U.S. Military
  • Britain Cuts Military
    Britain was ill-prepared for World War i. Although it had enlarged its Navy, its standing Army had been reduced in size in the years leading up to the war. It wasn’t until Britain had engaged Germany that a sufficient fighting force was raised, with the help of its allies, to eventually bring the nation to victory.
  • Society
    Immoral Majority
    The red states may have won an election. But the blue states won the culture war.
  • Living
    Porn Free
    Can you remain sexually pure in a smutty world?
  • Society
    U.S. Election: Hope and Despair
    The country is divided over how to view the Bush victory. Both sides are right—and wrong.
  • Religion
    You Shall Not Steal (Part 9)
    Stealing is the “acceptable” sin. Could you be a thief? Here’s how you can prevent this sin from entering into your life.