Philadelphia Trumpet  •  November 2004  •  Volume 15, No. 9
  • Society
    Porn Is the Devil
    Exposing the “adult” industry’s devastating impact on our lives
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    How the Trumpet Is Different
  • World
    Land of the Free and Home of the Hated
    Anti-U.S. invective fills the pages of newspapers all over the world—including the U.S. itself. What is the source of this startling rise in the hatred of America, and why is it happening now?
  • “Like It or Not”
    The European Union Plays Hardball With Israel
  • Germany’s Alarming Course
  • Economy
    Is the World Shutting the U.S. Out?
  • The Biggest Bubble Ever
  • Society
    A Real Beauty
  • Religion
    You Shall Not Commit Adultery (Part 8)
    Here is God’s sound advice to those tempted to commit fornication and adultery.
  • Living
    Hidden Keys to Marital Success
    Fred and Jennifer were SO happy! This was their wedding day, and life couldn’t be better! As Fred looked at his beautiful bride, he reflected back on recent memories of dating this special lady. He had dated other girls, but they were nothing like Jennifer.