Philadelphia Trumpet  •  August 2004  •  Volume 15, No. 7
  • Society
    Family Matters
  • Motherhood: The Untold Story
    Why mothers have fled the home, what it’s doing to our children—and why you almost never hear about it.
  • The Plight of the Children
    A frank look at the state of the world—as it treats its youth. Brace yourself.
  • Fatherhood 101
    The basics every dad needs to know.
  • Society
    From the Editor
    Churchill Versus the Media
  • World
    Europe’s True Nature Exposed
    For decades, European leaders have had a secret agenda. Now, with the final draft of the EU’s new constitution available, the vision of EU fanatics is clear for all to see.
  • The Latin Link Revives
    Following two decades of fiddling with Western-style democracy, Latin America is reverting to populist leadership. This presents fertile ground for revival of the enduring relationship between Europe and South America.
  • Oil for What?
    The Iraqi oil-for-food scandal has proven to be the very epitome of UN ineptitude.
  • Bad Company
    Everyone’s arguing over the Iraq connection. But don’t overlook al Qaeda’s ties to Iran.
  • Religion
    The First Commandment With Promise (Part 6)
    Stable families are the foundation of strong nations. The Fifth Commandment shows us how to keep our families and nations strong.
  • Society
    The Hearts of the Children
    Why Bible-based family instruction is so important to us