Philadelphia Trumpet  •  July 2004  •  Volume 15, No. 6
  • World
    Why Europe Matters
  • The Return of Imperialism
    The rapid decolonization of much of the world during the 20th century led many to believe that the age of imperialism was dead. Yet recent events in Europe foreshadow the return of the very power that originally gave imperialism its name.
  • The Defining Moment Approaches
    Soon—once and for all—the divisive issue of Britain’s role in the EU will be decided conclusively. And here is the ultimate outcome of that decision—foretold to you right now!
  • World
    The Competition Myth
    The real nature of the relationship between Asia’s two most powerful nations
  • Is the China Miracle Too Good to Be True?
    Once-backward China is becoming the “world’s factory floor.” What would happen if its white-hot economy overheated?
  • The Great White Land Grab
    Robert Mugabe’s land reform policies have raped Zimbabwe. Sadly, rather than being condemned, they are being used as a model by Mugabe’s neighbors.
  • Society
    Hope for the Children of Divorce
    Solutions for one of society’s greatest problems
  • Religion
    Remember God’s Sabbath Day (Part 5)
    God instructs all men to remember His Sabbath day. It is the day mankind works hard to forget! This article reveals the Fourth Commandment.
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    Our Multipurpose Mail Processing Center
  • World
    Truth Hurts. Lies Hurt More.
    America has always tended to shy away from conflict—even if it means ignoring facts.