Philadelphia Trumpet  •  June 2004  •  Volume 15, No. 5
  • World
    Democracy on Trial
    In Iraq, blood continues to be spilled in the name of democracy. Is this a worthy cause? Is it worth the lives lost? Can democracy succeed in the Middle East? Is there a better system?
  • Do We Agree With President Bush?
    The Trumpet speaks out on a wide array of political issues. Just whose side are we on?
  • Overcoming Evil
    Why man’s many “solutions” haven’t worked.
  • World
    From the Editor
    The Shocking Story About WMD in Jordan
  • The Brink of the Unthinkable
    The “secret” is out. Nuclear proliferation treaties are a sham. Nuclear hardware is just another traded commodity on the international black market. Where is this leading?
  • Looking the Other Way
    Pakistan supplied nuclear know-how to the world’s most dangerous states and the U.S. does nothing. Why?
  • Economy
    Is the Dollar Too Weak?
    A cheap dollar can bring short-term advantages. But the greater implications should alarm us all.
  • Religion
    Use God’s Name Truthfully (Part 4)
    Do you know God—what He is like? God is known by His name. Do you use God’s name properly? This article explains how to fully obey the Third Commandment.
  • Living
    How to Think Deeply
    Everybody thinks. But have you ever thought about thinking? Deeper thinking leads to deeper living.
  • Departments
    Behind the Work
    News of the Philadelphia Church of God—the organization behind the Trumpet
  • World
    There Is a Way of Escape
    How YOU can be protected from the impending nuclear nightmare