Philadelphia Trumpet  •  May 2004  •  Volume 15, No. 4
  • World
    From the Editor
    Iraq—Haunted by Iran
  • Conquest Through Sabotage
    The Mideast faces a pivotal moment. Iraq’s Shiites are turning violent, and America’s back is against the wall. The story behind this uprising is one of the most frightening of our time.
  • Victory for the Mullahs
    Iran’s hard-liners pulled rank and effectively killed the reform movement. Why no outcry from the West?
  • World
    The Spanish Connection
    Islamist extremism struck another cowardly blow in March. This time the target was civilians on board a train in Madrid. Why this attack on European soil? Why Spain—why Madrid?
  • The New Order
    How the political ripple from the Madrid bombing has altered the power balance in Europe
  • Boeing vs. Airbus
    The aircraft-making juggernaut’s wings are being clipped by a higher-flying European competitor.
  • The Cost of Greed
    Deadly animal diseases harm our food supply. Just a hint of mad cow or avian flu can warrant a mass slaughter. Why do we face such costly plagues? There is a cause, and it is us.
  • Economy
    When the Debt Bomb Explodes
    Does deficit spending really matter? America—its citizens and government—seems to think not. But the debt bomb is ticking.
  • Living
    How to Find a Good Job
  • Religion
    The Second Commandment (Part 3)
    Is it possible you may be guilty of some form of idolatry? The sin of idolatry is more common than you might think. Here is the next article in our series about the Ten Commandments.
  • Departments
    Behind the Work
  • World
    Return of the Religious War
    Religion is meant to bring peace, but in reality it has fueled history’s bloodiest wars. Regrettably, it appears the world is heading toward its next crusade.