Philadelphia Trumpet  •  March/April 2004  •  Volume 15, No. 3
  • Society
    The Media War Against the United States
    Why the war on terrorism sparked another war inside newsrooms all across the United States and Britain
  • From the Editor
    The Deadly Left-Wing Media
  • World
    When They Shall Say Peace and Safety …
    A bevy of peace initiatives at the beginning of 2004 may have some people hopeful for peace. But can we take these efforts at face value? Is peace really on the horizon? The lessons of history give the answer.
  • Disarming the Good Guys?
    World leaders are calling for a revamp of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. But there is something history tells us about disarmament treaties that we must understand!
  • The Enemies of Jerusalem
    Worldwide anti-Semitism is flourishing—and Jewish national morale is fading. In this hostile environment, the fate of Israel will be decided in the next few years. You can already know what that fate will be!
  • Religion
    The First and Great Commandment (Part 2)
    This article begins our series on the Ten Commandments. Be sure to read and study all the scriptures quoted.
  • What’s So Sacred About Easter?
  • World
    “The Basest of Men”
    Milosevic has been arraigned for war crimes and Hussein vanquished. How is it, then, that a murdering terrorist can receive the Nobel Peace Prize?
  • Departments
    Advertisement: Christ Suffered … But Why?