Philadelphia Trumpet  •  September/October 1998  •  Volume 9, No. 8
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    Why This World Lacks Leadership
    Leadership. It is the most read-about subject in business. It is the most talked-about theme in politics. It is the most needed commodity for today’s problem-choked world. Yet a true understanding of leadership remains ever elusive. There is a serious shortage of skilled leaders who can solve our world’s mounting problems. We must ask the all-important question, Why does our world lack leadership? There is a cause for every effect. There are reasons for our leadership deficit. Let’s analyze several root causes.
  • Winston S. Churchill: The Watchman (Part 1)
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    From the Editor
    Kings and Women
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    The Making of a Hero
    For a contrast to the leadership of today, we need look no further than 100 years ago, when a man who would be president inspired deep loyalty in a regiment of soldiers by virtue of his personal integrity, heart and courage. Here is a story of Teddy Roosevelt, on the 100-year anniversary of the last days of his Rough Riders.
  • Crisis Point of Western Leadership
    Two of the most frequent phrases used by observers to describe Kosovo in the Balkans are “the tinderbox of Europe” and “the powder keg of Europe.” Kosovo could yet provide the tinder to spark the flames of the greatest war man will ever know.
  • Hot, Dry, Windy, Wet …
    Chaotic weather just won’t let up.
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    What Does It Mean to Be ‘Born Again’?
    The truth about Christ’s teaching on being “born again” is even more inspiring, more spectacular than what most today make it out to be.
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    Dead or Alive?
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