Philadelphia Trumpet  •  December 2003  •  Volume 14, No. 10
  • Cover Story
    From the Editor
    Is California Under a Curse?
    Multi-year droughts, catastrophic wildfires, out-of-control deficits. Why is this happening to the Golden State? The answer will surprise you.
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  • Articles
    Space Wars!
    The startling truth about the rising power of the latest heavyweight in the global aerospace industry
  • Are We Wrong About Europe?
    For decades, we have predicted that a united Europe would take the world by storm. Recent divisions among EU leaders over the draft constitution have experts wondering about Europe’s future as a union.
  • Viewpoint: Who’s the Bad Guy?
  • The Disunited Nations
    Why this monumental effort at orchestrating world peace has been such a monumental failure
  • Why Science Cannot Unlock the Secret of the Human Mind
    As technology gives us more sophisticated means to acquire knowledge, much attention is being focused on studying the human brain. Science ponders, why is the human brain far superior to the animal brain? This article shows why science cannot find the answer.
  • Wanted: Real Men
  • Departments
    Farewell, Feminine Beauty
    Society’s female icons embody the opposite of true physical, womanly beauty.