Philadelphia Trumpet  •  November 2003  •  Volume 14, No. 9
  • Cover Story
    Why We Cannot Win the War Against Terrorism
    Human logic should show America and Britain that they can’t win the war against terrorism. But there is also a hidden reason why we can’t win—unless gigantic changes are made.
  • Is America Empowering Iran?
    What looked like conquest in Iraq has become a guerrilla war. Skyrocketing war and reconstruction costs are forcing the United States to make some unsavory compromises. Here is the outrageous story of who stands to benefit.
  • Friend or Foe?
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    Who Killed Iraq’s Shiite Leader?
  • Articles
    Understand the News!
    Five keys for making sense of current events
  • Over a Barrel
    Feeding America’s immoderate appetite for oil comes with a high cost—and a measure of peril.
  • Trading Places
    Europe’s economic influence in the world increases as the economic dominance of the U.S. declines.
  • The Age of Anxiety
    How to confront stress and take on a positive, peaceful mind!
  • Championing the Way of Give
  • Will Pills Solve Our Ills?
    Prescription drugs is a hot political topic, and use of medications is soaring, among all ages. How much of this craze is borne of legitimate need—and how much are we relying on legal drugs to compensate for our bad behavior?
  • Departments
    America’s Judicial Blackout