Philadelphia Trumpet  •  May 2003  •  Volume 14, No. 4
  • Cover Story
    © Philadelphia Church of God, Part One (Part 26)
    The pcg now owns Mystery of the Ages and 18 other works of Herbert W. Armstrong. Here is a detailed account of how it all came about.
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    From the Editor
    Miracle Victory! And What It Means
  • Commentary
    “The Largest Audience Possible”
    Excerpts from a February 1997 Trumpet article, when the PCG first printed Mystery of the Ages
  • Articles
    From Communism to Catholicism?
  • Shock and Awe
  • Apocalypse Now
    Recently, apocalyptic headlines have run in some of the most reputable publications. Is there any semblance of reality in this tendency for doomsaying?
  • War on America
    The leadup to the Iraq war accelerated a dangerous trend, where many people and nations are working to pull America from its superpower perch. Soon they will have their wish! But what will result will be a terrifying nightmare.
  • The French Betrayal
  • Germany, Iraq and the European Union
    “British troops occupied Baghdad early yesterday morning at the end of a brilliant 100 miles march up the Tigris. With the British army of Mesopotamia capturing Baghdad it has shattered the dream which the Pan-Germans have been dreaming for more than 20 years.” (Times, March 12, 1917)
    More on the real reasons for the adamant Franco-German opposition to U.S. war plans—and why they are significant
  • Failing to Bring Peace
    The United Nations is an outdated, corrupt institution fast losing its legitimacy as a peacemaker. Soon it will become defunct—and be replaced by a new world order.