Philadelphia Trumpet  •  February 2003  •  Volume 14, No. 2
  • Cover Story
    Is Islam a Threat?
    Muslims account for 20 percent of the Earth’s population. Factions of hate-filled, even violent, Muslims are riling the world’s most powerful governments—and making all Islam a target. Do they speak for Islam? What are they so upset about? How worried should we be?
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    From the Editor
    Lessons From Nineveh
  • Articles
    A Union of Church and State
    Americans keep religion and government separate to preserve religious freedom. But within Europe, Catholicism has long been a driving force in politics.
  • Stepping Stone to Mideast
    Europe is about to engulf Cyprus. What do present events and the ongoing war against terrorism portend for Europe, Cyprus and the Middle East in the years ahead?
  • Why Korea Matters
    How Asia’s side of the “axis of evil” will reshape the East.
  • Japan’s Place in the Future
    A recent report suggested that Japan could go nuclear in months. Where will Japan fit into the developing global geopolitical situation?
  • Roads to Rebellion
    Experts focus on the positive advancements of the Internet. We must also become aware of its potential for evil.
  • Departments
    Is God a Republican?
    Why the Trumpet does not take sides in politics