Philadelphia Trumpet  •  December 2002  •  Volume 13, No. 10
  • Cover Story
    Mixing Iron and Clay
    The European Union’s radical drive to absorb Eastern Europe is an ancient prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes!
  • Mending the Cloth
    Religious unity between East and West is a tough goal, but one the pope aims to meet.
  • Articles
    ‘It Won’t Work Anymore’
    Peace still eludes all efforts to achieve it in Northern Ireland. Will the Irish question ever be settled?
  • Aftereffects of an Election
    Germany’s September election put a weak and unpopular government back in power. But it also provided a glimpse at where the country is headed.
  • Trading Places
    The transatlantic trade war is heating up, revealing one superpower on the wane and another on the rise.
  • The Iron Fist
    Robert Mugabe pins the blame for Zimbabwe’s woes on British colonialism, and his disciples love him for it. But his despotism is plunging the country into a new holocaust.
  • Terror in the Southeast
    The attack in Bali shows why Indonesia matters.
  • Innocence Lost?
    Australia deals with its 9/11.
  • Why Christmas Is So Important to God
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    The Solution to Israel’s Problems
  • Commentary
    Signs of the Times
    The Washington sniper is caught. But why is America becoming so violent?