Philadelphia Trumpet  •  November 2002  •  Volume 13, No. 9
  • Cover Story
    What President Bush Doesn’t Know
    Rumors of war are increasing as the U.S. builds its case against Saddam’s Iraqi regime. But there is a fundamental problem in these plans and calculations—and it is obscuring the real threat to America!
  • Articles
    The Demise of Democracy
    Was September 11 the first blow in a war that will bring down the Western democratic system?
  • No Flesh Saved Alive
    The Bible speaks of a threat that would leave cities without inhabitant—a nuclear threat that will soon be fulfilled!
  • A Sinister Web
    We have become used to the trend toward globalism in business, commerce and politics. Yet a more sinister globalist trend is emerging: a web of terrorism and organized crime.
  • Quality of Life
    The developed world is sitting too comfortably on a great crisis. We are physically weakened people, inactive, rich but poorly nourished. It’s time we wake up and reclaim the health that is within our reach.
  • Silence the Critic
    For the third time in seven years, the European Union has had a prominent official go public with tales of EU corruption. How has the EU corrected the problem? By sacking the whistleblower!
  • Stung by Curses
    espite all the spending to fix it, the U.S. is unable to squash an insect epidemic that is not only spreading disease but costing lives, crops and billions of dollars.
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    Continue to Watch Stoiber
  • Commentary
    Not-So-Super Men
    For the U.S. and Britain, heroes and icons aren’t what they used to be.