Philadelphia Trumpet  •  September/October 2002  •  Volume 13, No. 8
  • Cover Story
    Acts of God?
    The whole world is suffering a catalog of climatic catastrophes. Is destructive weather just a freak of nature?
  • A Growing Problem
  • Articles
    Shades of Hitler
    Recent strident demands by German politicians for Germany to take over parts of the Czech Republic and Poland should have Anglo-America and the whole of Western Europe up in arms. Instead, this specter of Nazi history hardly rates a mention in the world press. Why? And what does it portend?
  • WWII: The Unnecessary War
  • The Face of European Security
    One country in Europe is increasingly showing its willingness to militarily lead the union.
  • All That Glitters
    The gold market tends to spike during hard times. Hard times are here, so who stands to benefit?
  • From Good Friday to Good News
    Despite enthusiasm over implementation of the Good Friday Agreement, the peace in Northern Ireland is merely a facade, hiding a network of corruption, terrorism and gunrunning.
  • Why This World Lacks Leadership
    It is the most read-about subject in business. It is the most talked-about theme in politics. But leadership is also the most-needed commodity for today’s problem-choked world. Why?
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    9/11: One Year Later
  • Commentary
    The Death of True Culture
    What has caused it and what it means for the West