Philadelphia Trumpet  •  August 2002  •  Volume 13, No. 7
  • Cover Story
    Out With the Old?
    In a culture infatuated with newness, our seniors are being cast aside.
  • Articles
    America the Cursed
    Rampant fire and flood, massive corporate fraud, carnage on Wall Street, the dollar toppled by the euro, capital flight, continuing fear of terrorist strikes—all this in just the first half of the year. Is it mere coincidence, or is there a reason for this confluence of curses on America?
  • Corporate Punishment
    Greedy leaders are bringing down America’s big business. Will our faith in the system ever be the same?
  • Rising in the East
    What the declining dollar means for Asia
  • An Asian Monetary Union
    Asians have considered the possibility for years. Could it ever happen?
  • Return of the Royals
    Suddenly, royalty is back in fashion in Europe. What is stimulating the return of Europe’s royal families?
  • “As If He Had Already Won”
    An update on the German election: Stoiber looks ready to take over and lead his nation again to greatness.
  • Failing Sex Education
  • The Sin of Idleness
    Even in harder economic times, people are addicted to idleness and ease. Here is how it is hurting us.
  • Don’t Read This Article!
  • Oceans of Design
    A look at water shows that the idea of evolution is all wet.
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    How We Use Television
  • Commentary
    Stimuli Addiction
    The price of keeping pace in a caffeinated world