Philadelphia Trumpet  •  July 2002  •  Volume 13, No. 6
  • Cover Story
    What Was Missing at the Jubilee?
    Alongside the regal accouterments of Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee celebration was a vivid demonstration of the new, degraded Britain.
  • From the Editor
    The Awesome Secret Behind the Queen’s Golden Jubilee
  • Articles
    How German Fascism Conquered Kosovo (and Yugoslavia)
    Germany has gained oppressive influence and control over all of Yugoslavia, and they have done it behind the cloak of democracy. But their tactics were those of old-fashioned fascism! It is time we woke up to what is happening in Germany. The danger is far greater than most people imagine.
  • Building Europe’s Military
    America, Europe and Russia each have a vision for the future of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization—yet only one vision will become reality.
  • What’s Ahead for Cuba?
    Aging Castro won’t live forever, and the West knows it. What will happen after he’s gone?
  • Modern Slavery
    An age-old problem rears up again—and closer to home than you may realize.
  • Parents: Why Teens Rebel
  • The Trouble With TV
  • Departments
    A Frightening Equation
    What happens when America has to borrow money to make its interest payments?