Philadelphia Trumpet  •  July 1998  •  Volume 9, No. 6
  • Cover Story
    The Speech That Shocked America and Britain
    Alexander Solzhenitsyn received the Nobel prize for literature in 1970. He is probably the world’s most famous writer. In 1978 he delivered the Harvard commencement address. I believe it was the most condemning speech ever given on American soil. The West scorned his message. That negative reaction is proving to be a major disaster!
  • Articles
    From the Editor
    Nazi Spirit Soars in Europe
  • A Cake Unturned
  • Terror Triumphant!
    Liberals across the world hail it as a triumph for peace; conservatives condemn it as a diabolical deal. What will be the final outcome of the Irish peace accord?
  • What You Don’t Get on Broadcast News!
    Do you grasp the meaning behind today’s headlines? Editors, newscasters, journalists, reporters, and foreign correspondents admit they do not understand the meaning behind the news they report. But you can know! Here is how.
  • Why Indonesia Matters
    Now that President Suharto has resigned, everything is back to normal in Indonesia, right? Wrong. Massive forces of anarchy are at work, and the potential for global economic disaster still exists. As much as one-half of world trade is at risk and radical Islam may be stalking Indonesia!
  • Departments
    Why Most Do Not Understand Prophecy
    One cannot unlock the mystery in Bible prophecy without this indispensible key
  • Commentary
    Killing Off America
    The diabolical operation that erased a generation—before its first breath