Philadelphia Trumpet  •  August 2001  •  Volume 12, No. 7
  • Articles
    The Last Crusade
    Most people think the crusades are a thing of the past—over forever. But they are wrong. Preparations are being made for a final crusade, and it will be the bloodiest of all!
  • Cover Story
    The Counterfeit Peacemaker
    Europe is trying to break into Mideast “peacemaking.” They aren’t interested in mediating. They want to take over.
  • Articles
    Lying Spirits
    The world’s largest economic bloc wields its power by double-dealing, lying and cheating. The public is blind to the supreme danger this poses to its immediate future.
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    Israel’s Lost Vision
  • Articles
    Rewriting History
    How the search for a sanitized past is erasing its vital lessons
  • The Final Pieces Fall Into Place
    The German-Vatican collusion that started in the Balkans ten years ago is about to be consummated in the divide-and-conquer strategy imposed by current EU/NATO initiatives involving tiny Macedonia.
  • Europe’s Caribbean Blueprint
    How and why the European Union is steadily influencing the economic, political, social and religious future of the greater Caribbean region
  • A Battle For Britain’s Loyalty
    As the European Union assumes greater global power, a crucial element stands in its way: Nearly a century of British and American intelligence cooperation. Europe’s new independent defense policy and its determination to protect business within the Union demand that Britain choose where it will stand: with the U.S. or the EU.
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    Suffer Little Children
    Of such is the kingdom of heaven—but look how they’re treated on Earth.