Philadelphia Trumpet  •  July 2001  •  Volume 12, No. 6
  • Cover
    The Politics of Energy
    As the world feeds its increasingly voracious appetite for energy from rapidly diminishing, non-renewable resources, a powerful new strategic weapon is being deployed to squeeze the giant U.S. economy.
  • Power On…Power Off! Power On?
    Californians are facing rolling blackouts this summer. What is the real cause behind California’s energy crisis?
  • Running Out of Water
    With the world’s attention focused on failing energy supplies, another vital resource—pure water—rapidly drains away.
  • Articles
    Is Timothy Mcveigh in Heaven or Hell?
  • Watch What You Say
    Europe uses the blasphemy stamp, and free speech takes a hit.
  • America: The Global Outcast?
    The world has given up on America’s leadership role, and the European Union couldn’t be more pleased. Rampant anti-Americanism shows that the stage has been set for a fast-rising EU to become the world’s next superpower.
  • Asia’s Power Game
    As the U.S. withdraws from unhappy East Asia, who will fill the power void?
  • From Paradise to Poverty
    Why the Philippines is on the road to collapse
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    ‘Makes Our Spirits Soar’
  • Commentary
    No Place Like Home
    One of the best jobs on the market—and who’s doing it?