Philadelphia Trumpet  •  May 2001  •  Volume 12, No. 4
  • Cover
    At the Crossroads
    After the cold war ended, the world entered a tumultuous decade—one that forged the foundation for the breakup of old alliances and the establishment of a new order. What form will the new order take? What risks will it pose for the U.S. in its perceived role as the world’s policeman?
  • The War Against Law
    In America (and Britain) there is a war raging over law. Many of our people don’t comprehend it. But lawyers, judges and politicians understand it very well. Which side is right? Or is either side right? If we fail to establish and maintain the rule of law, our republic will collapse! That is the clear lesson of history.
  • America’s Colombian Folly
    The U.S. has waded into the murky waters of Colombian drug-driven politics—at a time when illegal drugs are a significant contributor to the U.S. economy. Plan Colombia may well become America’s Colombian folly.
  • Articles
    The Leper of Europe
    Britain’s plagues are more than a mere run of bad luck—and they’re driving the island nation ever further from the Continent.
  • Germany’s Balkan Coup
    Unrest in Macedonia is the final piece of the puzzle. Here’s how German-led Europe conquered the Balkans in just a decade.
  • Is the World Unraveling Financially?
    Is a turnaround in sight for world economies? What can we expect next? America, Japan or Europe: Your Bible says one is destined to lead the way out of this global financial slowdown. Who will it be?
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    From the Editor
    The Fruits of Education
  • Commentary
    Why School Violence
    What God says about our violent youth