Philadelphia Trumpet  •  February 2001  •  Volume 12, No. 2
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    Education With Vision
    Why this world needs another institution of higher learning
  • The Right Fix for America’s Public Schools
    America’s public education system is in decline. Here is why and what must be done about it!
  • The Denial of History
    We have entered a most crucial time for the U.S. and Britain, with new global alliances forming in the wake of the now-dead bipolar cold war era formerly dominated by the U.S. and the Soviet Union. At this junction of epochs, the Anglo-Saxon nations have lost their grasp on a most crucial tool underpinning national survival. They have lost their grip on history.
  • A Nation With No Memory
    Cultural Amnesia: America’s Future and the Crisis of Memory by Stephen Bertman
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    You Need This Knowledge!
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    Death Stands at Attention
    Although, since the close of the cold war, it has not been politically correct to draw attention to it, the nuclear doomsday clock continues to tick. Today, while America sleeps, European military aspirations reawaken. Will the U.S. soon face a new nuclear opponent?
  • An Empire in the Making
    British author and political analyst Rodney Atkinson, B.A., M.SC., M.I.L., is founder of the Campaign for United Kingdom Conservatism, an organization committed to educating British citizens about the growing power of the European Union. On November 28, 2000, Gerald Flurry and Ron Fraser interviewed Mr. Atkinson. Following are excerpts.
  • And On the Eighth Day, God Created Europe
    A look at the spiritual roots of the European Union
  • Electronic Jihad
    War goes digital
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    Is Patriotism Wrong?
  • Germany Is Getting Control of Europe