Philadelphia Trumpet  •  June 1998  •  Volume 9, No. 5
  • Cover
    Unholy Union
    The history and prophecy of Europe’s unique mixture of politics and religion
  • Pro-Nazi Party’s First Win
    Not since Adolf Hitler has a pro-Nazi party won state parliament seats. The world was shocked. But we weren’t. You urgently need to understand why.
  • Articles
    Asian Financial Meltdown: Round Two
    The land of the rising sun is sinking in a sea of red ink! It seems Japan is unable to save itself, its Asian neighbors or the world from financial collapse. Has round two of the Asian financial meltdown arrived?
  • Heroin at Your House?
    Heroin, one of the most powerfully addictive opiates known to man, is making a strong comeback in America. Here is the current status on America’s war on drugs and how you can prevent heroin from entering your house!
  • Parents: Why Teens Rebel
  • Departments
    A Nation Divided
    One hundred and thirty-five years after Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, slavery is still a thriving industry.
  • From the Editor
    The Day Hope Died