Philadelphia Trumpet  •  September/October 2000  •  Volume 11, No. 8
  • Cover Story
    Lost Boys
    Why feminism and popular culture have our boys searching for an identity
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    From the Editor
    A Special Warning: Germany’s Long History of Deadly Deceit
  • Articles
    Watch Jerusalem!
    Jerusalem means “city of peace,” and yet this city’s history has been filled with rivers of blood! No city has suffered like Jerusalem. It has known almost no peace! And today, it could explode into war at any moment. But there is very good news. That blood-soaked city will soon become a city of peace!
  • No More Secrets
    The true story behind China’s theft of U.S. nuclear weapons intelligence
  • Britain’s Final Decline
    Since 1997 something startling has happened in the venerable and ancient nation of Britain. The result, at the turn of the 20th century, is a British people that has lost contact with its roots and now faces complete divorce from its national heritage.
  • Harry Spells Danger
    Is a world of darkness a suitable venue for your child’s learning?
  • Departments
    Deliver Us From Evil
    Why the increasing fascination with darkness?