Philadelphia Trumpet  •  August 2000  •  Volume 11, No. 7
  • Cover Story
    The Merciful Death Penalty
    How could a loving God advocate capital punishment?
  • Articles
    “Bang, Bang!”
    The latest in a series of British money-saving policies has shot the Navy’s morale.
  • Fifty Years of European Union
    Current trends in Europe indicate more strongly than ever that what is emerging via the juggernaut of European Union is but the repetition of a recurring dream that had its origins almost two millennia ago.
  • The End of British Democracy
    Uncomfortable truths about Britain’s alliance with the EU
  • Where Is the “Third Way” Taking Us?
    Last November, six leading proponents of a type of governance commonly called Third Way met in Florence to publicly proclaim their brand of politics as the answer to the world’s problems. In June the group met again, this time in Berlin, the new diplomatic capital of the EU, their numbers having more than doubled.
  • First-Aid for Sibling Rivalry
    Psychologists tell us that sibling rivalries are a normal part of family life. But where do you draw the line? Some siblings are actually killing each other! How are you tackling the problem of your children fighting?
  • Have the Olympics Made the World Better?
  • Our Draining World Water Supply
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    Education Filled With Hope
  • Commentary
    Recapture True Values
    This article, excerpted from the June 1966 Plain Truth, gives insight into what set Ambassador College apart from the rest.