Philadelphia Trumpet  •  July 2000  •  Volume 11, No. 6
  • Cover
    Why Does God Allow Suffering?
    The story of a massive dose of aversion therapy, and a 6,000-year experiment of epic proportions
  • War Against Children
    To some people, children are targets or simply nameless, faceless objects to be exploited physically, mentally, sexually or economically. How can this be prevented? And why doesn’t God stop it?
  • Not-So-Fab Youth Mags
    Wading through information about sex, makeup, fashion and celeb gossip, you may wonder if there is a decent periodical for the younger generation.
  • The Simple Solution to the AIDS Epidemic
    The seriousness of the aids problem is severe. But people fear to combat this, the world’s most lethal virus, as they should.
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    Life’s Most Important Questions
  • Articles
    Europe’s African Pillage
    In our May edition, you read how Europe has planned to move south into Malta and east into Jerusalem. This month, learn the advance news of Europe’s long-planned domination of the resource-rich continent of Africa.
  • Fascism Revives! (Part 2)
    More plain facts on Europe’s frightening right-wing swing
  • Trouble in Paradise
    The recent coup in Fiji shows the potentially big impact the small islands of the South Pacific can have worldwide.
  • The Philippines Flashpoint
    Can the conflict between the Christian government and Muslim rebels on the island of Mindanao ever be resolved?
  • Departments
    Beware Sudden Destruction
    What present-day arms reductions really mean