Philadelphia Trumpet  •  June 2000  •  Volume 11, No. 5
  • Articles
    The Miracle of Life
    It is so profound, you may fail to understand!
  • The Missing Dimension in the Abortion Issue
    Understanding the purpose of life sheds light on a controversial question: Is abortion murder, or isn’t it?
  • The Critical Infant Years
    They say criminals are made, not born. But how long after they are born are they made? Research has shown that the bond between parents and infants must be created early in order to rear emotionally and socially stable adults.
  • Unscrambling the Meaning of Life?
    Science is in a rush to decode the mysteries locked within human genes. Great promises are being made about the new research in human genetics. Will this new knowledge help or hurt us?
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    From the Editor
    The Shameful Lockerbie Trial
  • Articles
    The European Union’s Fatal Flaw
    There is a dangerous swing to the right in Europe—both politically and religiously. But what most people don’t realize is that this is the natural growth and development of the Holy Roman Empire. This swing to the extreme right will be the worst ever. But it will lead directly to the best news this world has ever heard!
  • Fascism Revives! (Part 1)
    Since World War ii, we have seen the emergence of neo-fascist, right-wing extremist and radical nationalist movements. Twenty years ago such groups were marginal. Today some of them can be no longer dismissed as having no influence on national and international politics.
  • Europe’s One Stop Stock Shop
    Why the London and Frankfurt stock markets want to merge
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    The Neglected Child
    We all suffer when we let our most precious resource go to waste.