Philadelphia Trumpet  •  May 2000  •  Volume 11, No. 4
  • Cover Story
    The Next Pope
    The struggle for power has already begun.
  • Acts of the Popes
    On March 12, the pope made a public apology for the universal church’s past faults and sins. His confession was seen as vague and inadequate. Which past sins? Certainly he must have included the sins of his predecessors.
  • The Pope’s Jerusalem Crusade
    Measuring Catholic maneuvers in the Middle East against the backdrop of history
  • David Meets Goliath
    Adrian Hilton talks about the difficulties of trying to expose Europe’s spiritual agenda.
  • Departments
    Killing in the Name of God
    How can the “very religious” be so violent?
  • From the Editor
    The EU’s Hidden Agenda
  • Articles
    Europe Marches South
    Here is advance news of the next move of the rising European monolith, the European Union. You will soon read of this in your newspapers. In this article we break the news of the EU’s move southward.
  • Spain Surges Right
    In a landslide victory, right-wing Spanish President Jose Maria Aznar recently demolished his socialist opponents in Spain’s federal elections. What’s behind this swing against the center-left tide in European politics?
  • Czechmate!
    How Western weakness has allowed former Czechoslovakia to be dominated by the Vatican and European Union
  • An Ongoing Face-Off
    Will China “lose face” over the election of a pro-independence Taiwanese president?
  • The Tarnished Badge
    Bad press is crippling America’s law enforcement.