Philadelphia Trumpet  •  March/April 2000  •  Volume 11, No. 3
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    The Snare of Debt
    Debt is the Achilles heel in today’s high-flying American economy. Vast wealth is being accumulated on a crumbling foundation of massive debt. What will happen when the economy slows down? How will that debt be repaid?
  • America’s Bubble Economy
    Why it has yet to burst
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    From the Editor
    How Your Trumpet Subscription Is Paid
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    Caught in the Middle
    America wants a closer trading relationship with Britain. To achieve this it needs Canada’s help. What role will Canada play in this coming Anglo-Saxon combine? In this article, we take a look at the rich history of this nation throughout the past century and show why Canada finds itself in such a precarious position right now.
  • America’s Militia Threat
    This April marks five years since the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was bombed. The Oklahoma City tragedy awakened Americans to the threat of domestic terrorism. As officials dedicate a memorial to those brutally killed, many Americans will ask, will it happen again?
  • Goodbye Friday Agreement
    Even as the Middle East “peace process” reels from the breakdown of the Israeli/Syria peace talks and Israel’s recent retaliatory bombing of Lebanon, that other “peace process,” centered on the island of Ireland, is poised to shatter.
  • A High-Voltage Tension Line
    Security problems on the world’s longest undefended border strain Canada-U.S. relations
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    A Double-Minded Man
    U.S. waffling is putting Taiwan in tough straits