Philadelphia Trumpet  •  May 1998  •  Volume 9, No. 4
  • Cover Story
    The Blessings … and Cursings
  • El Niño: Science vs. Nature
    Scientific predictions offer little protection from a storm bent on breaking everything. Before El Niño’s tantrums ceased, its havoc reached all corners of the earth.
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    The Catholic Holocaust Document
  • Articles
    Our Children—Our Oppressors
    The Jonesboro tragedy focused our attention on a national problem years in the making. Our children are robbing us, assaulting us, raping us and even murdering us. Do we know how to stop youth crime?
  • EMU Takes Off
    The most profound and significant event since the fall of the Berlin Wall is about to break onto the world scene. It will change the whole framework of existing global political, economic and financial cooperation.
  • Rescuing the Rich
    In Southeast Asia, currency devaluations and other austerity measures imposed by the International Monetary Fund are devastationg common workers while wealthy investors and bankers are being bailed out. Fair? No. Typical? Very!