Philadelphia Trumpet  •  January 2000  •  Volume 11, No. 1
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    The Rise and Fall of a Superpower
    Building the Panama Canal was one of the greatest chapters in American history. It helps to reveal how America became a superpower, if we understand the complete history. Today we see an almost totally different spirit in our leaders. The meaning behind that change contains the strongest warning ever for America!
  • China’s Three-Card Trick
    In less than three years, the most populous nation on earth has seized a hat-trick of strategic sea gates. How will this affect global events in the new century?
  • America’s “Golden Age”?
    What the starry-eyed commentators are forgetting
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    From the Editor
    Why America Is Not a Superpower
  • Articles
    The Coming Plague
    A growing problem of potentially devastating proportions
  • Israel’s Wound
    The spin doctors glaze the surface with a deceiving gloss, but Israel’s peace process is on course to produce more carnage.
  • EU Thrusts Sickle Down Under
    As the aftershocks of the Asian financial crisis ripple on, Australia has turned to Europe for help. What’s happening to this outback haven in the Pacific?
  • Rescuing the Lost Children of America
    We hear so much bad news about teens these days. It appears we are losing so many young lives to drugs, alcohol, illicit sex and violence. Can our teens be rescued? Yes! This article shows you how.
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    Man of the Half-Century
    How the passage of time made a great leader average