Philadelphia Trumpet  •  December 1999  •  Volume 10, No. 10
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    Higher Learning?
    Education has become a factory of new knowledge. Yet human discontent, troubles, evils, are increasing in direct ratio with the increase of knowledge. Why? (excerpted from The Plain Truth, Aug./Sept. 1970)
  • 100 Years of Paradox
  • Trials and Errors
    Mankind has tried every form of government known to him. Yet the way to peace still eludes him.
  • In the Grip of Greed
    The 20th century became busier and more prosperous, but also revealed the dark heart of America’s wealth machine.
  • Good and Evil
    Science’s split personality
  • Christianity in Crisis
    Has modern Christianity lived up to the ideals of its founder?
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    From the Editor
    Why the Trumpet?
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    A Better World Is Near