Philadelphia Trumpet  •  November 1999  •  Volume 10, No. 9
  • Cover Story
    Fallout From Kosovo
  • Where Are Kosovo’s Killing Fields?
    During its four-month war against Yugoslavia, nato argued that Kosovo was a land wracked by mass murder. Yet four months into an international investigation, bodies numbering only in the hundreds have been exhumed. This could have serious implications for nato and alliance governments.
  • Yugoslavia and Its Enemies 1903-1999
    How Germany and the Vatican use the European Union and nato to achieve their historical aims in Yugoslavia
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    The Missing Dimension in Sex
  • Articles
    Can the Blind Lead…?
    Some claim we’ve never had it better. Others see doom around the corner. What is the true state of the world as we rush towards the end of one century into another?
  • The Good News Behind a German-Dominated Europe
    It the short run, it is bad news—as it has been in the past. But it is a sign that will lead directly to the greatest event ever to occur on this earth!
  • Sold to Germany
    Germany has bought Poland—outright! Through Vatican influence this once Communist nation is now being aggressively incorporated into the EU. How did this happen so quickly and where is it leading?
  • The Bear’s Headache
    The Russian bear has been licking its wounds for almost a decade since the Soviet Union collapsed. Will Russia ever rise again to great-power status?
  • Parents, Get to Know Harry Potter
  • Departments
    More Than Meets the Eye
    The Trumpet is just the tip of an unfathomably huge iceberg