Philadelphia Trumpet  •  January 2012  •  Volume 23, No. 1
  • From the Editor
    Steve Jobs and His Burning Passion to Be Perfect
    Lessons from the greatest CEO ever
  • Departments
  • World
    Germany Is Conquering Europe!
    Do you really understand what is happening?
  • Europe’s Precisely
 Engineered Disaster
    It looks like chaos, but actually, everything is unfolding according to plan. 
  • How to 
Make Sense of the Stormy Middle East
    The whole region has violently been turned upside down, and the tempest isn’t over yet.
But to get a clear picture of the future you have to scan the past. 
  • How to Win an Election in Russia
    The bombshell announcement that was no surprise at all 
  • Etc.
    You Are Cordially Invited …
    To the world premiere of two of the most significant archaeological artifacts ever discovered in Jerusalem. 

  • Living
    Build a Better Brain
    What do walking out your front door, hitting the pillow, and eating fat all have in common? As even some of history’s greats have learned, improving your mental health is just a matter of making the right decisions. 
  • Living
    Nail That Job Interview!
    You got your foot in the door, and now you’re up for a personal interview. 
What do you do?
  • Economy
    What Diapers and Rash Cream Tell Us About the Economy
  • Bible
    Why the Week?
    The surprising origins of the universal seven-day rhythm of human life 
  • Departments
    Principles of Living
    Beware False Conversion
    Is it possible to worship Christ and do it in vain?
  • Commentary
    A Humble Request
    You’re free to dismiss this warning—but please: Don’t forget it.