Philadelphia Trumpet  •  October 2011  •  Volume 22, No. 9
  • From the Editor
    Egypt and Libya to Join Iran’s Terror Network
    The West still doesn’t understand how Iran rules the Middle East.
  • Departments
  • World
    Reshaping Asia
    As America pulls away, China fills the void. The whole continent is on notice.
  • The Battle for Syria
    An Arab Spring may be taking root, but don’t be fooled. What’s growing here is different than what you might think.
  • Arab Spring Leading to Israel’s Fall?
  • Etc.
    Are Minivan-Size Suns the Energy of the Future?
    A world powered by dazzling, clean, limitless energy technology: It’s not science fiction—it’s our science future.
  • Society
    Blood in the Streets
    Understand the significance of the shocking violence hitting Britain and America.
  • Society
    Brace Yourself for Food Scarcity
    Have you noticed rising grocery bills? That is just one sign among many that the world’s intricate system of food production is in for some severe shocks.
  • Living
    Finding the Path Out of Depression
  • Economy
    Sent to the AA Club
    Like an alcoholic in a self-delusional stupor, America still can’t admit it has a debt problem.
  • Bible
    The Evidence of Faith
    God’s Word is flooded with promises you can claim! But how? What is the evidence that God will follow through with what He has promised?
  • Departments
    Principles of Living
    The First Commandment With Promise
    There is no substitute for a parent’s God-given authority at home.
  • Commentary
    The Joy of Family
    Grateful reflections from “the son of a milkman”