Philadelphia Trumpet  •  September 2011  •  Volume 22, No. 8
  • From the Editor
    World’s Greatest Danger: Germany Domineers Over Europe Again!
    Germany has the bloodiest history of any nation when it comes to starting wars. Now it is leading Europe again. Let the world beware!
  • World
    Greece: Now a German Vassal State
    Greece has been conquered just as surely as if by invasion. More European nations are certain to follow.
  • Departments
  • World
    ‘Canceled, Capped, Ended’
    The U.S.’s frontline defenses are being attacked … by a poor economy—and an even greater, unseen force. 
  • What the Future May Hold for the World’s Newest Nation
    South Sudan’s independence is being celebrated in some intriguing circles. 
  • Etc.
    A Fresh Look at Depression
    This darkness affects over 100 million people every year.Are you one of them? Here is good news: There is a way to get your life back! Let us shine some light on this important subject.
  • Science
    What Is the Behemoth?
    The book of Job describes this massive animal—but it is shrouded in mystery. Is it proof that giant dinosaurs lived with man? Why would God even create such a creature? 

  • History
    A Lesson From ‘the Greatest Man in the World’
  • Living
    What Psychologists Don’t Know About Child Rearing
    Reprinted from the Good News, October/November 1981
  • Society
    A Nation Worth Applauding
    Why Germany has such a promising future! 
  • Society
    How the Perverse Became the Norm
  • Departments
    Principles of Living
    The Secret to Success
    Why are there so few who find it?
  • Commentary
    Do You Ignore Reality?
    History shows that doing so can be fatal.