Philadelphia Trumpet  •  August 2011  •  Volume 22, No. 7
  • Found! King Solomon’s Wall
    Remarkable archeological discoveries in Jerusalem are challenging critics 
of the Bible’s account of King David and King Solomon. 
  • World
    The Invisible War
    A determined, dangerous army is working 
to take down the mightiest nation on Earth—but nobody even knows who the soldiers are.
  • NATO Unraveling—
What Does It Mean?
  • And Then There Were Ten
    As tensions within Europe give rise to regional blocs, 
an age-old prophecy springs to life! 
  • What Really Happened in Bosnia
    One massacre was exaggerated. Another went unreported. 
The reason for the double standard is shameful. 
  • Etc.
    Keep Your Word
  • Living
    Teach Your Children 
How to Handle Money
    It’s pretty clear: Most parents aren’t passing on this vital skill! 
  • Bible
    The Best Seller Nobody Reads
    Buying it is all the rage. Using it … well, that’s another matter. 
  • History
    Who Are the Slavs? (Part 6)
    The Russians are identified in the Bible as descendants of Meshech and Tubal, and the majority of them are Slavic. But what about the Slavs of Eastern and Central Europe? The answer illuminates a crucial end-time prophecy.
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    The U.S. Constitution Is Over 95 Percent Destroyed!
    A fanatical statement? Our Founding Fathers prophesied it would happen if our “religion and private morality” grossly degenerated. That has happened. Still, almost nobody heeds the warning of the Founding Fathers. That lack of response reveals how little the Constitution means to us.
  • Editorial
    The Philadelphia Trumpet: Goals & Purposes
  • WorldWatch
  • Increase Your Bible IQ
    Is the Old Testament Reliable?
    The Philadelphia Trumpet, in conjunction with the Herbert W. Armstrong College Bible Correspondence Course, presents this brief excursion into the fascinating study of the Bible. Simply turn to and read in your Bible each verse given in answer to the questions. You will be amazed at the new understanding gained from this short study!
  • Principles of Living
    Six Days Shall You Labor
    Are you overlooking an important part of the Fourth Commandment?
  • Commentary
    When Will the World End?
    No man knows the day or hour, but we can know when it is near.