Philadelphia Trumpet  •  July 2011  •  Volume 22, No. 6
  • From the Editor
    The Most Inspiring Part of the Royal Wedding
  • Did You See God at the Wedding?
    The whole world watched—and He was there.
  • World
    Twisters, Floods, Drought—What’s Wrong With the Weather?
    When the U.S. is getting walloped by record tornadoes, record flooding and record drought—all at the same time—you have to ask the question. 
  • A Terrorist Dies—a Dragon Encroaches
    Osama bin Laden’s death highlights another sign of a shifting world order. 
  • Lying Wonders
    It seems that sleight of hand, subterfuge and outright deceit are normal for those who control the European Union. 
  • Departments
  • History
    How an English King Changed the World by Publishing Israel’s Holy Book
  • Imperial Britain Was a Blessing, Not a Curse
  • The Origins of Modern Russia (Part 5)
  • Etc.
    Out of Thin Air
    Do you realize how dangerously fragile America’s economy has become? 
  • Living
    How Your Financial Future
 Is Determined
    Some of our readers are unemployed right now. Others may be in danger of losing their jobs. 
And yet employers are even now hiring many thousands every month. Someone must replace those who retire, quit, die or are fired. Of course, new jobs constantly open as businesses expand, communities grow, buildings are built and people buy more goods. 
Who will obtain these jobs depends on certain basic, unseen laws. There are definite economic laws that constantly regulate economic conditions. 
  • Increase Your Bible IQ
    Do You Have an Immortal Soul?
    Is man an immortal soul in a material body? Learn the surprising answer from your Bible!
  • Departments
    Principles of Living
    Why Character Counts in Leadership
    An important point America has apparently forgotten
  • Commentary
    Have You Noticed? The Nations Are Shaking
    A big-picture look at recent Earth-altering events